Anchor Festival 2018

Un tas de gens sympas. Cinq jours. Et une danse qui combine tout: West Coast Swing rencontre Waterkant.

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Ohé, vous terriens !

Salut les marins d’eau douce ! Cette année le Anchor festival prépare une version française de son journal de bord ! Restez connectés, toutes les infos pour mettre les voiles vers Hamburg arrivent bientôt !

Un jour au Anchor Festival 2017

Au cas où vous avez manqué le dernier Anchor Festival, regardez cette vidéo: quatre jours d’ateliers, de compétitions et de fêtes en trois minutes !

March 29
to April 2



The Anchor Festival 2018 offers fantastic workshops, competitions and parties. When, where and with whom—our schedule will tell you. You can also save the PDF or print it out.



During the Anchor Festival workshops are divided into four levels. Choose your appropriate level with the help of the following descriptions and make sure you specify it upon registration. Of course the levels are only a recommendation.

Level 1

The basics (6-count patterns plus whip) are no problem, you’re a regular guest at West Coast Swing parties.

Level 2

You’re used to variations, stylings and advanced patterns. You’re visiting events and workshops.

Level 3

Now we’re talking. This level is only accessible if you are dancing in the WSDC divisions Novice, Intermediate or above.

Level 4

Level 4 is only for hard-hitting Advanced / All-Star dancers—in comparison, keel-hauling is pure pleasure …

Bameo Intensive

In their 8 hour Intensive (4 hours on Thursday and Friday each), BAMEO will fire you up. Don’t miss it!


Located in the heart of the city, the historic “Mozartsäle” (Mozart-halls) and their atmospheric ambiance are a rather hidden piece of hanseatic freemasonry art. In order for you to find your way around Hamburg, we put together some information.

Address of our venue:
Moorweidenstrasse 36
20146 Hamburg

It’s way easier to get around Hamburg by bus and metro than by car.

From the Airport: S1 (Only one train available) to the central station (Haubtbahnhof). Change on the same platform to S21 (direction Elbgaustraße) and go to Dammtor (one station). From there it’s just a 5 minute walk.

For timetables and further information download the free app of the Hamburg public transportation association (HVV):
HVV App for iOS
HVV App for Android


Under the keyword “Anchor Festival 2018”, we have made some discount deals with the following hotels near the venue. But hurry, rooms are limited. Click on a hotel for further information.


Under no circumstances you should miss this event! Use the following button to register for the Anchor Festival 2018. After registration we will send you an email with payment information and further details. We are looking forward to an amazing Festival with you!
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259 €*

  • Workshops
  • Parties
  • Intensive
  • Comps (excl. comp fee)

*Applies only to the first 20 leaders and followers each!

Weekend Pass

from 159 €

  • Workshops
  • Parties
  • Comps (excl. comp fee)

Early Bird ~ 159 €
from 2017-10-01 ~ 179 €
from 2017-12-01 ~ 199 €
from 2018-02-01 ~ 219 €

Party Pass

from 109 €

  • Parties
  • Comps (excl. comp fee)

Early Bird ~ 109 €
from 2017-10-01 ~ 129 €
from 2017-12-01 ~ 139 €
from 2018-02-01 ~ 149 €


from 139 €

  • Intensive
  • with Party / Weekend Pass only

Early Bird ~ 139 € 
from 2017-10-01 ~ 159 €

International Pass*

from 109 €

  • Workshops
  • Parties
  • Comps (excl. comp fee)

Early Bird ~ 139 €
from 2017-10-01 ~ 159 €

*German is not an official language of your country

Advanced Pass*

99 €

  • Workshops
  • Parties
  • Comps (excl. comp fee)

WSDC Advanced

All-Star Pass


  • Workshops
  • Parties
  • Comps (excl. comp fee)

WSDC All-Star


  • Wed~ free
  • Thu ~ with Pass only
  • Fri ~ with Pass only (High/Low)
  • Sat ~ 25 € (J&J & Pro-Shows)
  • Sun ~ 25 € (Strictly)
  • Mon ~ 15 €